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Thumbnail Image for Article 29245NMS Robotics Team Competes
Posted Date: 01/25/2019

Four teams competed against area schools in the Intermediate Arena and Inventions contests. One of our Intermediate teams earned 3rd place in the competition. 

The Intermediate Arena teams built and programmed a robot to enter an arena and complete various challenges within an allotted time. The Intermediate Inventions teams created a robotic invention to solve a problem of their choice. They worked for months designing, building and programming their robots. The Inventions teams also presented a marketing plan for their invention, created a journal of the engineering process, and answered questions from the judges. 

The following students competed in the contests:


Ethan Cooper

Lloyd Fowler

Cedric McCain

December Gaspard

Zachary Martin

Shelby Walker

Danica Perkins

Madelin Davis



Dempsy Swinney

Julian Garcia

Keith Rochau

Jerry Smith

Keaton Frasier

Jocelyn Jackson

The NMS Robotics Competition team is coached by Mrs. Erica Johnson.