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1st Learning Circle

This link provides access to some of the songs & videos we use during our 1st learning circle in the classroom.  smiley

2nd Learning Circle

This link provides access to some of the songs & videos we use during our 2nd learning circle in the classroom.  smiley

Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann has a lot of videos & kid’s music that are great for young children. My students really enjoy his alphabet songs!


Another place to find fun, educational videos & songs for children.  We use many of these in our classroom. Most of these videos can also be accessed on YouTube.

Scholastic Learn At Home

Scholastic has set up some learning journeys that are excellent for children.

Websites for Read-Alouds and Activities

This document provides links to several different resources for various read-alouds and fun activities for children.

Fluency & Fitness

Fluency & Fitness is giving families 21 days of FREE unlimited access to their site during school closures due to the Coronavirus. It’s a great way for kids to combine learning & exercise inside the home during this time.

Lunch Doodles

Create art with children’s author Mo Willems in each episode of his new series, Lunch Doodles.

Story Time

Listen to read-aloud stories.

Unite for Literacy

Unite for Literacy provides access to over 120 ebooks for young children 2 to 7 years old.

The Houston Zoo

Watch Meet the Keeper talks with various animals throughout the Houston Zoo.

San Diego Zoo

Watch live stream videos, web-shows and virtual tours of the San Diego zoo.

Khan Academy

If students are struggling with their homework and need extra help, this is an excellent website.  It provides video lessons and practice.  Just follow the on-screen instructions to quickly set up an account.  You can add your child to the account if you choose to and that will allow them to login on their own. You can choose a grade level, subject area, or simply enter a topic into the search bar. 

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