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Band Handbook





Newton I.S.D.

Band Handbook

2020 – 21








Philosophy …………………………………………….….………. 3

General Information ……………………………………….…… 4

System of Grading …………………………………………….... 5

General Rehearsal Procedures …………….……………….… 5

Football Games ...…………………………………….……….…  7

Bus Information …….. …………………………………....……. 8

Band Uniform ……………………….……………………………. 9

Instrument care ……………….…………………………..….…. 9

Letter Jackets ……..…………………………………….…….….10

Eight Hour UIL Rule Form ………………………………….….11

UIL Marching Band Acknowledgment Form…...……….….12

Handbook Acknowledgement/Consent Form ……………..13











       The Newton Eagle High School Band is trained under Corps Style Marching, and is held to perform at a high standard.  This philosophy is built solely around educational values as well as keeping tradition within the program.


        Band does more than just teach a student how to play an instrument, or how to read music.  It is to solely help students identify that music is, indeed, a true universal language amongst all of the arts as well as other subjects.  Students who come into the band program receive numerous amounts of highly recognized qualities such as responsibility, determination, dedication, teamwork, honesty, leadership, and taking pride of whom they are in and out of the band program. 














  1.  The Newton Eagle Band always conducts itself as a 1st Class/World Class organization, especially when traveling.   No immature or childish behavior will be tolerated in restaurants, hotels, buses, football games, contests, etc...  What you do reflects back on you as an individual as well as the rest of the group.  Represent your town & community with pride and excellence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. Students will maintain proper discipline and image in all classes and personal activities.  Any conduct requiring principal, law enforcement intervention and/or band director may be cause for dismissal from the band program.  This will be determined by the band director.                                                                                                                               
  3. The Newton Eagle Band never says anything negative or acts in a negative way towards our administrators, other campus organizations, or other bands you may see in our travels. If you want to be respected and supported, be the group that does the work to deserve that support and respect and hold yourself to a professional standard.                                                                                                              
  4. Eagle Band students must always project a positive image toward band and to all Middle School band students.  They will be the future of the ideal band program, and you may never know when one of those students may be looking up to you as a leader.  Also, please remember that we will have 8th grade participate in marching band.                                       
  5. When approaching Band Boosters, remember these ladies/gentlemen are what make this program succeed when it comes to providing things for you.  Many band programs do not have Band Boosters – so be proud that you do!  Please be respectful and courteous to them at all times, and always thank them for everything that they do for our band program. 






        The High School Band grade is comprised of two components:  Daily grades & Test grades.  Daily grades will represent 50% of the student’s class grade, and test grades will represent the other 50% of the student’s class grade. Daily grades are demined by general attitude, participation, practices/rehearsals (including the summer band practices/rehearsals), football games, as well as periodic pass-offs.  Test grades are determined by any contests (marching/concert), concert performances, and clinics.

REMEMBER:  I UNDERSTAND that conflicts may arise, due to certain activities, (such as athletic events, etc.), death in the family, illness, and/or hospitalization.  These are excusable circumstances.  My job is to work with you and be here for you.  The big key to all of this is COMMUNICATION.   Don’t be afraid to come and talk to me if you have a situation come up.  If you work with me, I’ll work with you.  It’s that easy and simple – bottom line- do not “plan” a conflict.

If for some reason, you can’t attend practice/rehearsal due to an inexcusable circumstance, you are responsible for making up that lost time.


  1. Students should be in chairs warmed up and ready to begin as soon as the director steps on to the podium.  Everyone will get quiet immediately and look forward when the director is o the podium.  REMEMBER:  The key to success is being FOCUSED.
  2. Listen for instructions and act immediately regardless of location.  (Band Hall, Practice Field, stadium, etc.…)
  3. When we are rehearsing, we work and strive to become excellent/superior at what we do every day.  Anything which distracts from this focus will not be tolerated.  Talking, laughing chewing gum – will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action resulting from possible removal from the performing group.
  4. Continuance with problems concerning discipline or work ethic may be cause for removal from the band entirely as determined by the director. 
  5. Any discipline requiring principal intervention may be cause for removal from the band.
  6. Time lost by any individual in rehearsal hurts the entire group.  Follow these guidelines so that you don’t lose rehearsal time and we continue to be successful as an entire group.
  7. Always be early for rehearsal and have all items needed for rehearsal (reeds/music/pencil)
  8. Please do not schedule doctor’s, dentist appointments, etc. during band rehearsal time.  I understand that this may be unavoidable at times – but please try to work around rehearsal.
  9. If you miss rehearsal, you must come see me for makeup information – assignments.
  10. If something is wrong with your instrument – please let me know as soon as possible (most definitely BEFORE the next rehearsal).
  11. Always be prepared on your part.  Remember the more individual practice you do the better the entire group will sound!
  12. If you know you are going to miss rehearsal – let the director know as soon as possible, so that they can be prepared for your absence.  COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY TO MAKING EVERYTHING WORK.

All absences MUST have a written note from the parent or admit slip from the office or it will be considered unexcused.



  1. Pass offs are REQUIRED.  Pass offs and attendance are used as a daily grade, and will be used as a part to determine if you are eligible to be free for 3rd quarter at football games.  (as well as unexcused absences from rehearsal for that week.)  Everyone will be held accountable.  You will be given deadlines for passing off your music.  You can make it happen!
  1.  Work is NOT an EXCUSED ABSENCE.  Please make sure your employer does not schedule you to work at the same time as your rehearsal or required performances.  Employers must understand that school, your education:  comes first.
  2. Keep up with all the music that has been given to you at all times.  (sectionals and full band)
  3. Band leadership – after your Band Director, next in command will be the Drum Major.  The Drum Major is the right hand of the Director and has earned the same respect in the presence or absence of the Band Director.  Other members of your leadership team are your band captains, uniform lieutenant and librarian.  These leaders have been chosen to help you learn all aspects of how to become a great band member, teach you how to march properly, and help guide you into learning your music.  If you feel that someone from the Leadership team is acting out of place, it is your responsibility to inform the Band Director; if the situation is deemed serious we will take the appropriate actions.  Know that my door is always open for you.


Attendance at all football games are MANDATORY.  Remember, as stated back in the grading system, football games are considered as a daily grade, which is half of your overall band grade.  Result in missing a game without an excused absence may be removed from the marching band, or will have to make up for the time they were not at the game depending on the discretion of the band director.

Guidelines for Football Games:

  1. Tall solid black socks
  2. Black band shoes – must be clean and polished
  3. Correct Pant length
  4. Uniform must be pressed
  5. Clean Hat
  6. Music / Flip folder / Lyre
  7. Band t-shirt must be worn under uniform for all games and contest
  8. No jewelry may be worn; exception are religious regalia or medical bands.  Girls are allowed to wear ONLY stud earrings.  Class rings may be worn also.

NOTE:  Uniform/music – flip folder inspections will take place at the beginning before each football game and contest performance.


  1. You are performing the moment you line up to make your entrance into the stadium.  People will be watching you, so therefore uniformity and how you present yourself are important.
  2. You will have assigned seats in the bleachers, and will remain in your seat till the end of the game.
  3. When the band plays, be ready to play.  Always be ready to do your job.
  4. Do support your football team and show school spirit, but don’t act outside of a class act.
  5. Food and drinks are NOT ALLOWED in the stands, only during 3rd quarter.
  6. Third quarter is rewarded to those who have met all requirements during band rehearsals, practices, etc.  It is a privilege!  Please do not be late coming back or you will lose it for the next game.
  7. Rules for out of town games are the same as home games.
  8. On out-of-town games, students will be allowed to ride home with parents but must be properly checked out with the Band Director BEFORE doing so.


For bus trips going to games, concerts and contests, students will be assigned to “boy-boy” and “girl-girl” seats.  Boys and girls will NOT be allowed to sit with each other.  Adults as well as the Band Director will be supervising the bus. 



Band uniforms come with no cost toward the student, but are very expensive to purchase.  With that in mind, the uniform should be well taken care of by the student and should be worn with pride.  Here are simple guidelines to follow:

  1.  NO alterations are to be made to the uniform unless approved by the director.
  2. Black shoes and black tall socks are to be worn with the uniform.
  3. No jewelry is to be worn with the uniform.  (exceptions noted above.)
  4. After every performance or game, students must properly put their uniform back onto the hanger without causing it to get wrinkled.

NOTE:  Take pride in the uniform you wear!  It’s what will make out stand out from among the rest!  Dress to impress – uniformity is what defines you as a group and how you present yourself.




Instrument care is of the utmost importance when it comes time to play your instrument.  All instruments MUST be treated with respect, from school to your own – so that it can ensure quality work.  Here are guidelines to follow for proper instrument care:

  1. Reeds (Clarinet/saxophone) should last weeks, depending on the care of the user.  Always put your reed back in its plastic container when you are finished for the day.  This will help it to dry out and protect it from chipping.
  2. Valve oil, slide oil, cork grease and drumsticks are available and can be purchased for a small fee to help go toward the band boosters from the inventory store.
  3. Do NOT leave your instrument out of its case – when you are finished for the day ALL instruments must be

ALL THE WAY AW AY.  This will prevent damage to the instrument.

  1. For football games and contest – polish your instrument.



Letterman jackets can be awarded to all seniors and to band students who have been in the band for at least two years and have met attendance requirements prior to their senior year (the eighth grade year in band is not considered “varsity credit” for a letterman jacket – it is equivalent to a JV year for band letterman credit.) 

  • In order to be elligle for a letterman jacket, you must have been present at all band functions. 
  • Unexcused absences disqualify members for letterman elligibility. 
  • All seniors who have not received a jacket prior to their senior year are eligible to receive jacket provided that they are a member of the band in good standing within the band program. 
  • Letterman jackets will be ordered at the end of football season each year.


Varsity Football Games

                                                      Aug. 28th @ Woodville

                                                     Sept. 4th vs. Diboll

                                                     Sept. 11th vs. Kirbyville

                                                     Sept. 18th @ West Orange - Stark

                                                     Sept. 25th vs. Kountze

                                                     * Oct. 2nd @ Anderson - Shiro

                                                     * Oct. 9th vs. New Waverly

                                                     * Oct. 16th @ Warren

                                                     * Oct. 23rd --- Bye

                                                      * Oct. 30th vs. Hemphill

                                                      * Nov. 6th @ Corrigan - Camden 

                                                        * DENOTES DISTRICT GAMES






 No student may be required to attend a marching band related practice for more than eight hours outside the academic school day per calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). This provision applies to students in all components of the marching band. Exception: For schools that begin instruction prior to the fourth Monday in August the limit of eight hours of rehearsal outside of the academic school day per calendar week shall begin on the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day. Schools under this exception shall be limited to eight hours of rehearsal outside of the academic day per school week (12:01 AM on the first day of school of the calendar week through the end of the school day on the last day of instruction of the school week) until the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day.

 On performance days (football games, competitions and other public performances) bands may hold up to one additional hour of warm-up and practice beyond the scheduled warm-up time. Multiple performances on the same day do not allow for additional practice and/or warm-up time.

Examples of Activities Subject to the UIL Marching Band Eight Hour Rule.

• Marching Band Rehearsal (Both Full Band and Components)

• Any Marching Band Group Instructional Activity

• Breaks

• Announcements

• Debriefing and Viewing Marching Band Videos

• Passing Off Marching Band Music

• Marching Band Sectionals (Both Director and Student Led)

• Clinics for The Marching Band or Any of its Components


The Following Activities Are Not Included in the Eight Hour Time Allotment:

• Travel Time to and From Rehearsals and/or Performances

• Rehearsal Set-Up Time

• Pep Rallies, Parades and Other Public Performances

• Instruction and Practice For Music Activities Other Than Marching Band And Its Components

 NOTE: More information about Marching Band practice limitations can be found at:  

“We have read and understand the Eight-Hour Rule for Marching Band as stated above and agree to abide by these regulations.”

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Student Signature____________________________________Date___________________

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