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Our weekly objective

Mrs. Odom 

Week of January 20, 2020

Big Idea: I can use the tools to create and build. 

Knowledge Focus: Children learn how imagination and creativity shape our world. 

****This is our goal for the day, we do not always get it all done******


7:30-7:55 Meet and Greet

  • Table activity ( building letters, matching games, puzzles, patterns bears,  shape mat puzzles) or warm up worksheet

8:00-8:30 Breakfast

8:30- 9:15 Circle Time (discus circle time purpose, and behavior expectations)

“This is how we say hello” - Go Noodle

  •  Morning stretch to wake up our brains

  • Shimmy Shimmy Shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy down, shimmy  shimmy shimmy put your bottoms on the ground.

  • Look at the patterns on the calendar. What is a pattern? Is there more than one pattern you can spot on the calendar?

  •  This month is January (play January song), but how many months do we have in a year?

  • Ask if anyone would like to spell January for me or tell me what letter January starts with. How many syllables are in the word January. 

  • Count Calendar days using ordinal numbers ... “1st, 2nd, 3rd.” What are ordinal 

numbers, what  do they do? (tells what place something is in)

  •  Repeat after Mrs. Odom ” January_____, 2020

  •  Months of the Year song (how many are there?) Can we say them without the song? (months of the year syllable song)

  • Days of the Week song. How many days of the week are there? Can we say them without the Song.? What is today?

*BRAIN BREAK* Twist and shout

  •  Alphabet phonics song with sign language

  • Introduce letter Nn. Play song about letter Nn. go over proper top down procedure when writing the letter Nn. Who has a name that starts with the letter N? Who has an N in their name. 

  • Rhyme- words Practice identifying rhyming pairs. 

  • Review vocabulary

*Brain Break Clap it out song

  • Count to 50 song. Let the more advanced students try to count on their own.  

  • Number of the week is 14. . 

  • Put numbers in numerical order. 

  • Color word rap (to review how to spell color sight words)

  • Sorts and describes objects. 

  • Using/review time words

  • Review concepts of counting objects. 

  • Review shapes with a focus on the square . Square has 4 equal sides and 4 vertises. 

*Review all work for the day. Students should complete a worksheet or project. M: art projects Tues: writing;  Wed: cutting Thurs:book Fri:Test. 

*Transition: If your name starts with a ______ you may go to your seat. Give students a flash card. Call them one/one. Ask them to identify the letter on their card before they go to their seat work. 

9:`15-10:00 Seat work (review rules for seat work time). When you are finished, raise your hand. Mrs. Odom will come over to check your work and give you your next worksheet. When you are finished you may get playdough to practice cutting skills or a table center. When the ten oclock bell rings whether you are done with your work or not clean up your workstation and go to the carpet for story time.  

 (Start bathrooming around 9:45 girls first girls then boys)

10:00-10:15 Story time. Review the role of the author and illustrator. 

10:15 STORY TIME Talk about tools workers use, and science safety. 

10:30-11:00 Recess 

11:00-11:30 Snack Time 

11:30 Center Time-Set the timer for 5 minutes. Students have a designated partner and schedule to follow. Try to rotate to each center and connect with the students. Ask them questions.

    - Math, Reading, Dramatic Play Center, Legos, Blocks, Puppets,  Writing Center, Computer, 

12:00 Story Time

12:25-12:55 Lunch


(Words to keep reviewing to make sure they know the meaning and what they are…..compound words, syllables, rhyming words, ordinal numbers, and pattern. )