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Classroom Rules & Procedures

Classroom Rules:

Classroom Expectations:

 In the classroom, students are expected to respect the teachers and other students. Each student’s behavior is monitored by using a behavior chart and conduct marks. The color green means good behavior. Yellow means poor choices, and red means parent contact. If a student fails to comply with the rules of the classroom, or misbehaves, the student will receive a mark. After the student has received three marks, he/she will then have to move their conduct clip to yellow which will result in 1 point off their conduct grade. If the student continues to disobey rules, he/she will then move their clip to red, which will result in 2 points off of their conduct grade. Once a student has moved their clip to red, a parent or guardian will be contacted. Students will be given the opportunity to move their clips back up the behavior chart if they make a valid effort to demonstrate positive behaviors/choices. If a student receives five green stickers for the week, he or she will receive a prize from the prize box. 

Health Procedures:

In PreK, we are taking extra precautions in regard to preventing illness/protecting students. Hand washing/sanitizing will be done after all transitions (inside & outside of classroom), center rotations, etc. Water fountains will be out of order, so students may bring a water bottle to class.  Please label water bottles with student names.