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Class Procedures

2nd Grade

Classroom Expectations

And Procedures

2021/2022,   ,











        Welcome to the 2nd grade! We are excited to have your child in our classrooms this year! We believe that all children can and want to learn. We will be involving your child in many great learning experiences and activities. As your child’s teachers, our main goal is to help your child to become an independent, successful, and lifelong learner. Thanks for your support this new school year as we work to improve communication between school and home.


Second Grade Classroom Expectations

  1. Follow directions.
  2. Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  3. Have permission to leave your seat.
  4. Make good choices.
  5. Respect others.


Being prepared for class includes the following

  • Be on time
  • Keep folder neat and organized.
  • Have homework completed and ready to turn in when assigned.     





  • Eagle Bucks
  • Stickers
  • Pencils
  • Sit by a friend at lunch
  • Homework pass
  • Lunch with the teacher





Reward Days & Field Trips

        Reward days will be on Fridays after testing. Some examples of reward day include science experiments, art, and social studies activities, ect.. If your child should choose to make wrong choices and lose more than 5 conduct points in a week, they will not be allowed to participate in reward day on Friday. Please encourage your child to work hard and follow the rules at school. This will help them have a great second grade year! Our grade level field trip will be toward the end of the school year. Reminders and information will come at that time.



        Your child starts with 100 conduct points each six weeks. If your child breaks a rule, he/she will receive a verbal warning from the teacher. One mark will be given for each rule broken thereafter.

 Any child that receives a conduct grade of 70 or below will not be allowed to; go on the end of the year field trip, participate in field day, be principal, teacher, coach or librarian of the day.


Graded Papers & Grading Policy

        We will send graded papers home on Wednesdays. Review these papers with your child. Sign the cover sheet and return by Friday.

Grading scale is as follows:

                                        90 – 100           A

                                        80 – 89             B

                                        70 - 79             C

                                        69 and below     F





         Students will have a weekly spelling list, along with math and science vocabulary words. Students will also have a weekly story to practice reading each night for fluency. It is essential that students study spelling words and vocabulary words, these will be weekly grades for the said subject. Homework is to be completed as assigned.

AR Tests

        Students are encouraged to read nightly. They are required to take at least one AR test each week. Please encourage your child to read as much as possible. Students reaching their individual set AR goal will be rewarded at the end of each six weeks. ****The top three students with the most AR points in Second Grade at the end of the year will win a special field trip, and the top of the grade leel will win a special prize *** 

Transportation Changes

        Students will NOT be allowed to make any transportation changes without a signed and dated note from parents/guardians or a phone call to the office. Please make these changes as early within the day as possible as things can be very busy at the end of the day.


Thank you in advance for all your help to insure a great year. We are here for you if you should have any questions. We are available for phone and face to face conferences. Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher by note, email or by calling the office to set a date.



Your partners in education,

Beverly Dean, Celina Dobbs

Rachel Jarrell, Brittany Odom


Educating children one day at a time, developing leaders of tomorrow.