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Resources to use at home

Below are videos to watch at home while we are out of school to keep the students refreshed on previous lessons that we have done. Also you still have access to all of the lesson plans from the beginning of the yr til now and are more than welcome to take a peek at those to go over vocabulary, sight words, spelling words, etc. 


Counting Coins

Skip Counting by 2’s

Greater than Less than

Addition and Subtractions Equations



Shadows/Sunrise and Sunset

Food Chains

Interdependece (Terrarium)

*Also a great resource to use is Generation Genius. It is everything science for grades K-5. Each video has cool activitries that can be done at home as well. You get 5 videos for free, afterwards it will ask you to subscribe but it is worth it.*

Social Studies


American Inventors




Sight Words


Diphthongs (OU and OW)

Diphthongs (OI and OY)

Read Aloud Resources 

Storyline Online

A Big Guy Took My Ball -

Interrupting Chicken

Chicken Little

If you have any questions my email is as listed on the school website. I encourage you to download the Remind app and join my class which is Ms. Fletchers 1st Grade Class. It is free and it makes communicating easier or you can message me on Facebook.