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What  EXACTLY  do we do in Reading Intervention?

Kindergarteners work on “everything alphabet.”  We also practice our phonological awareness which is the ability to hear and manipulate the sounds of the ABCs.  We like to learn to read  by blending and unblending words, too.   




We practice figuring out words through the techniques used in Really Great Reading’s HD Word and Blast. 

We also use products from Reading A-Z. 


HD Word



We practice our word strategies.



We regularly use the strategies on the left for word work and practice using them “on the run” in real reading.





We check fluency and accuracy rates and try to improve each time!


We reread each passage 3 times using close reading. Before, during, and after each reading, we predict, connect, infer, question, visualize, summarize, and much more.

We think about what we read.

This chart is helpful in knowing if we’re reading at an appropriate level.

We strive to read on or above our grade level with an accuracy rate of at least 98%.

Leveling correlation chart

Sarah Richardson

Practice Reading Every Day!

To be a good reader, we must read every day!  Kids should read at least 15-20 minutes every day in order to be proficient readers.   When we are good readers, school becomes easier!

Mrs. Fowler

Mrs. Fowler

This is Mrs. Fowler.  She and Ms. Richardson work together to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Fluency Record Holders
Level R

Malaysia Gasaway, Level R, 3rd grade girls, 130 wcpm

Level S

Maddie Morrow, Level S, 3rd grade girls, 134 wcpm

Level R

James Darden, Level R, 3rd grade boys, 124 wcpm

Sarah Richardson

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