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Daily Lessons 11-20

Day 11 – Silly Syllables – Pick one of your favorite books to read, see if you can find 10 words with more than one syllable! (Example: kit..ten,  e..le..phant)
Day 12 – Sight Word Search – write the following sight words on cards/paper and hide them : bird, bring, open, night, show, high, window, yellow, kind, land….have your child find them in a certain amount of time!
Day 13 – ABC Order – Using the word cards from Day 12, have your child sort the words in alphabetical order and write them on a piece of paper!
Day 14 – Read with a Partner – choose a book of choice and take turns reading through the book…where you leave off, your child can keep reading!
Day 15 – Rhyming – create word cards with the following words – (cart, dart, house, mouse, place, race, sing, bring, name, fame, miss, hiss, more, chore) Turn cards blank side up and have child find matching rhymes.
Day 16 – Favorite character – Have your child watch a movie with one of their favorite character, then draw a picture of their character, and describe them with words.
Day 17 – Story Elements - Using a piece of paper, draw a cross so that there are 4 parts, your child can label each box with characters, setting (where is the story?), problem (what is wrong?) and solution (how did they solve the problem?) and let your child pick a story to find the story elements.
Day 18 – Punctuation Power – Write sentences on paper and cut into strips. Leave out the punctuation mark so that your child can choose the correct punctuation mark. (Question mark ? – Exclamation mark ! – Period .)
Day 19 – Scavenger Hunt – if the weather is nice, pick some letters in the alphabet and write them on a card, have your child find things around the house or outside that begin with those letters, have your child write what they find on the letter cards.
Day 20 – Pick a book that your child is not familiar with, read the book aloud, and write some questions about the story to ask your child. Go over what they might have missed…

Thank You,
Mrs. Jarrell & Mrs. Dean
2nd Grade Reading