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Daily Lessons 21-30

Reading/Phonics - 2nd grade - Jarrell/Dean

Day 21-30


Day 21 - Look at the picture of the golden Easter egg, pretend it is a magical egg that would grant you a wish, what would be your wish? Write a short story about the magical golden egg…


Write 5 words that rhyme with ‘gold’....

Day 22 - Go to my page on NISD, under Reading At Home, there is a link to “Too Many Carrots” by Katy Hudson on YouTube, listen to the story, and write the story elements: characters, setting, problem, solution(how did the problem get fixed...). 

day 23 - Unscramble the words on the left, write a short story using the words.

⦁ mrtor wind

⦁ nocea storm

⦁ dnwi boat  

⦁ isfh ocean

⦁ atbo fish

***Use word bank on the right to unscramble...

Day 24 - Using words with ‘ow’ or ‘aw’ - fill in the blanks using the picture clues….



He saw a ___ _ fly over the house.  

What kind of ___ print did you find?  

James loved to sit and ____.  

Mr. Smith asked if I wanted to ___ his yard.  

The lion had large _____.


Day 25 - Can you come up with rhyming words for the words below?

⦁ champ  2. show  3. creep  4. town  5. shop 


Day 26 - “What’s that word” - choose a story to read, and try to find 5 new words and use them in sentences..

Day 27 -  Nosy Nouns - fold a paper so that you have 3 parts - label each with person, place, and thing! Find at least 5 nouns around your house or neighborhood for each noun label… Can you write a silly sentence with 3 of your nouns.

Day 28 - Can you code? Code the following words using what you remember from our saxon coding lessons!

⦁ stable  2. cowgirl  3. marsh  4. hay  5. slam  


     6. drool  7. crocodile  8. slam  9. place  10. Peek


     11. Use the word marsh and crocodile in a sentence!

Day 29 - Choose one of your favorite stories to read...after reading your story, choose a character that relates to you...answer the questions: 

How is the character like me? 

Would I change anything that the character does? 

What is my favorite thing about my character?

Day 30 - Create a short story with the details below:

Characters: Cricket, Croc

Setting: swampy marsh

Problem: Cricket has lost his way home