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Lesson Plans



Ms. Samuel

Unit/Topic: Writing Week of: Sept. 27 – Oct. 01 pumpkin    
TEKS   3.11



Staff Professional Developement 

HMH Grammar Lesson Types of Sentences 

  •  Identify statements and questions.
  •  Use the four kinds of sentences correctly in speaking and writing


HMH Lesson 7 Review

  • Turn prewriting into the beginning of a draft.
  • Use craft to compose a personal narrative.
  • Use organizational patterns correctly.
  • Identify and include genre characteristics of a personal narrative

HMH Lesson 8

  • Understand genre characteristics of a personal narrative.
  • Use craft to develop a draft into a focused, structured, and coherent piece of writing.
  • Language Understand and include the parts of a narrative.


Six Weeks Make Day: Corrections / Missing Assignments and Test 

Vocabulary Test 
Bellwork-Weekly Grade   Proofreadings HMH STARR Prep.   Proofreadings HMH STARR Prep.  Proofreadings HMH STARR Prep.  Proofreadings HMH STARR Prep. 
Learning Activity   HMH and Jourmey Worksheets  Anchor Chart; HMH/Journey Worksheets   Worksheets/EduGalaxy  Worksheet Grades 
Key Vocabulary   spoke, mile, save, excuse, cone, invite Cube, price, erase, ripe, broke, flame life, surprise, rule, decide, clothes, strange Vocabulary Exam
Guided/Independent   Guided  Independent Both Both
Lesson Closure   Cursive Worksheet K

Cursive Worksheet L

Cursive Worksheet M Collection of Cursive Grades 
Summative/ Exit Ticket   Next Day’s Objective Next Day’s Objective  Next Day’s Objective  Eagle’s Day Building  Pride