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Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning

At NMS we are dedicated to the social and emotional growth of all students.  The counselor is committed to working with students, staff, and parents in supporting the well-being of the students.  Through classroom guidance lessons, small group lessons, and individual counseling and planning, we work towards achieving this goal. 


Texas State has a website dedicate to bullying laws and David’s Law.  David’s Law is legislation that passed in 2017 that updated bullying laws in Texas and requirements for schools. is an official website by the U.S. government that has resources for schools and parents that deal with bullying.

Internet Safety

Internet safety is a major concern for our students.  Teaching our students the proper use of the internet is crucial in their social development

Kids Health has a website full of guidelines and resources for kids, parents, and educators.

Common Sense also has a website with information on teaching students about online safety.

Positive Mindset

Staying positive and having positive thinking is a skills that our students need.  Many of our students (and adults) can cave under the pressure of stress.  Being able to stay positive gives students tools to persevere and achieve success.

The Mayo Clinic has an article that disusses the effects of a positive mindset and how to stay positive.

Positive Psychology also has an extensive list of ways to increase positive thinking. The article addresses character traits, attitudes, benefits, and importance of having a positive mindset.  It discusses how a positive attitude can help in challenging situations, at work, and at school.