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Academic Resources

Academic Resources

Support of student academic success goes beyond the State curriculum.  Knowing how to be a good student and how to handle school work ialso important.  The following resources are designed to help students, parents, and teachers in academic success.

The University of Washington has a page that is full of advice for academic success.  Even though it was made for college students, many of the tips and guidelines are appropriate for our students as well.  This is a great resource for parents and teachers.

For parents

Great Schools gives tips for parents in assisting students in developing academic skills.  This site is dedicated to elementary and middle school aged students.

Scholastic also has a great article developed by a principal on Middle School success.

For Teachers

ThoughtCo. has a list of 8 things teachers can do to help their students succeed. This is a practical list of steps for the teacher to implement in their classroom.