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Senior Announcements




  • Post-Graduate Survey (Seniors only)
  • Graduation Information
  • Graduation Picture Orders: May be turned in at graduation practice.
  • Graduation Tickets may be picked up at the administraton building Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Student must be present to receive tickets.
  • Graduation Date: Friday, June 26, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.
  • Graduation Practice: Friday, June 26, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.  Report directly to the stadium.
  • Cords will be given out at graduation practice and returned after graduation.
  • Any unpaid monies are due prior to graduation practice.
  • Peace Officer Training (Senate Bill 30) – Due to COVID-19, the peace officer training will be offered online to graduating seniors at the following link, Peace Officer Training Video.
  • CPR Training (SECTION 74.38) requirements for instruction in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) has been waived by TEA due to COVID-19.  NISD submitted a waiver to meet such requirements for graduating Seniors. 
  • Official transcript requests must be emailed to  She will send it electronically to the college.  Required information: your name, college attending with address, and if required, the department or individual you want it sent to electronically.
  • Still need a meningitis shot for college? Walgreens will file on your insurance or you can pay $77 without insurance for the immunization.  Also, check with the Newton County Health Department at 409-379-5291.  The immunization is approximately $10 with insurance and $5 without insurance.
  • TSI testing – If you still need to take the TSI, please reach out to your college for questions on how to take an TSI/ACCUPLACER test at this time.  Examity is a secure online proctoring service that allows students to take their TSI/ACCUPLACER test from home, so ask the college if they offer that option.  They may also waive the requirements of testing due to COVID-19.
  • Reach out to your admissions department at the college you plan to attend in the Fall.  If you are not meeting the testing requirements for college entrance and are unable to reschedule an ACT/SAT/TSI test, they will let you know what options you have at this time.  Many colleges are making exceptions and waiving the college entrance requirements due to COVID-19.  They are evaluating more than just your GPA and test scores for college entrance purposes.  Don’t give up…..reach out and ask questions!
  • Senior Scholarship Recipients were posted in the Newton County News on June 1st. 
    2019-2020 Newton High School Senior Scholarships
    Scholarship Student Amount
    W.T. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Al'Dayshia Davis $1000
    Newton Ex-Student Association Scholarship Andrew Fountain $1000
    Newton Lions Club Scholarship Andrew Fountain $500
    Stephen F Austin State University Academic Excellence Scholarship Andrew Fountain $3000 per yr = $12,000
    Band Booster Scholarship Caleb Amburn $500
    Newton County Go-Texan Scholarship Carley Morgan undisclosed
    Newton FFA Alumni Scholarship Carley Morgan $500
    Newton Youth Football Association Scholarship Carley Morgan $400
    Jasper/Newton Electric Cooperative Scholarship Christopher Dougharty $1,000
    Jeff Dougharty Memorial Scholarship Christopher Dougharty $500
    Charles & Regina Foster Foundation Scholarship Cory Foster $5000
    Elijah's Cafe' Scholarship Ethan Land $1000
    Mason's Rainbow Lodge #735 Scholarship Garrett Gipson $1000
    Newton County Go-Texan Scholarship Garrett Gipson undisclosed
    Newton FFA Alumni Scholarship Garrett Gipson $500
    Tulsa Welding School Scholarship Garrett Gipson $250
    Education First Scholarship Jacob Thomas $1,000
    Newton FFA Alumni Scholarship Jacob Thomas $500
    Baylor University Football Scholarship James Sylvester $68,500 per yr = $274,000 
    Band Booster Scholarship Jessie Causey $500
    Band Booster Scholarship Jourdan Fields $500
    Band Booster Scholarship Kassidi Kelley $500
    W.T. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Kassidi Kelley $1000
    Newton FFA Alumni Scholarship Kaylee Hall $500
    W.T. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Kevin Watson Jr. $1000
    Newton Youth Football Association Scholarship Kevin Watson, Jr. $400
    Coach Curtis Barbay Memorial Scholarship Kollin Shaver $500
    W.T. Johnston Memorial Scholarship Kollin Shaver $1000
    Elijah's Cafe' Scholarship Lalla Colon $1000
    Tulsa Welding School Scholarship Logan Wray $250
    Mason's Rainbow Lodge #735 Scholarship Mackenzy Hall $1000
    Miss Christmas Scholarship Mackenzy Hall $200
    Miss Mardi Gras Scholarship Mackenzy Hall $200
    Miss Newton Scholarship Mackenzy Hall $2000
    Newton County Go-Texan Scholarship Makenzy Hall undisclosed
    Lamar University Scholars Scholarship Mariska Kenbrew $1000
    East Texas Baptist University Christian Leadership Scholarship Mary Kalafatis $3000 per yr = $12,000
    East Texas Bpaptist University Hollingsworth Cheer Scholarship Mary Kalafatis $1000 per yr = $4000 
    East Texas Baptist University Dean's Scholarship Mary Kalafatis $8000 per yr = $32,000 
    Faye Campbell Memorial Scholarship Mary Kalafatis $500
    Tulsa Welding School Scholarship Max Dennard $250
    Band Booster Scholarship Raven Nichols $500
    Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award Redwick Byerly Recognition
    Tulsa Welding School Scholarship Renwick Byerly $250
    Missionary Doretha "Na" Woods Memorial Scholarship Sasha Johnson $200
    Tulsa Welding School Scholarship Seth Letney $250
    Band Booster Scholarship Shaylyn Saylor $500
    Newton Youth Football Association Scholarship Valdarion Fowler $400
    Aussie Waldo Miller Memorial Scholarship Whitney Gipson $5000
    BBB Student of Integrity Whitney Gipson $2500
    Jasper Newton County Farm Bureau Whitney Gipson $500
    Mason's Rainbow Lodge #735 Scholarship Whitney Gipson $1000
    Newton County Fair Scholarship Whitney Gipson $500
    Newton County Fair Sweetheart Scholarship Whitney Gipson $500
    Newton County Go-Texan Scholarship Whitney Gipson undisclosed
    Newton Ex-Student Association Scholarship Whitney Gipson $1,000
    Newton Lions Club Scholarship Whitney Gipson $500
    Newton Youth Football Association Scholarship Whitney Gipson $400
    University of Lousiana Lafayette Academic Scholarship Whitney Gipson $68,640
    University of Lousiana Lafayette Cypress Scholarship Whitney Gipson $8000
    Hartsfield Memorial Scholarship Zac Gulley $300
    Missionary Doretha "Na" Woods Memorial Scholarship Zac Gulley $200
    University of Louisiana in Lafayette Zac Gulley $30,875 per yr = $123,500 
  • If you are attending Lamar Institute of Technology (LIT) for college, contact the following person:
  • Are you still undecided about your college major? Check out the website and explore different degree plans.