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I love sharing photos of our learning adventures. And, the students love seeing themselves hard at work  and play ! (So fun!)

Mrs. Felder

"Inspire With Joy"






  • Welcome to First Grade.
  • So excited?
  • First lessons in social studies are reminders for using best manners at school...and always.
  • First math lessons are about creating shapes we know and learning new ones.
  • Geoboards are a great way for students to express their shape creations.
  • Whole brain learning using our whole bodies to create shapes.
  • Counting sides of shapes using boxes in small group learn and share.
  • Counting vertices on our 3 dimensional shapes. Yes, we use big math words.
  • Using real boxes to create new shapes.
  • All together and so excited to go visit Santa.
  • A favorite place to be for the season.
  • A  train top campfire for our Polar Express Party. Thanks to Zaqurynn's family.
  • Good times to be with friends for the holiday.
  • Special cookies were shared from many students. Thanks to all.
  • So fun pizza and hot chocolate for our Christmas party.
  • Holiday pictures.
  • Holiday drawings to share.
  • Merry Christmas.
  • Read America - guest reader
  • And, unexpected time for snacks with the story. Thanks to Mrs. Willliams, Reading Interventionist, for being so thoughtful.
  • Setting up for a super Mothers Day presentation.
  • More helpers.
  • Butterfly and Strawberry cake for our moms.
  • Super excited for our moms to come spend special time with us.
  • The Dot Newton County Fair 2016 Winners
  • Spring Flowers Newton County Fair 2016 Winners
  • Senor Rattlesnake Art and Writing Newton County Fair 2016 Winners
  • Peer tutoring during Money Counting stations
  • Peer tutoring during Money Counting stations
  • All aboard bunnies-dying eggs first thing in the morning.
  • All aboard bunnies-dying eggs first thing in the morning.
  • Easter in class picnic before egg hunting.
  • Class picnic before the egg hunt.
  • Ready to hunt eggs.
  • I did really good, Abbigayle
  • Special glass for finging those hidden words or math problems around the rooom.
  • Showing what we learn in writing and spelling by correcting morning work.
  • Fantastic time disecting the flower to exlpore the inside parts of a plant.
  • Loving staions for word work.
  • Exploring seeds for science-peanuts donated by a local farm
  • End of Year- student reading group
  • Congratulations to Aryah Dunn. One of three winners for the Memorial Day coloring contest.
  • Crowned for excellent coloring by Britni, the crown creator.
  • Pizza Party! Juice or milk, too.
  • A true American patriot.
  • Investigating motion building with  magnets.
  • Investigating motion using magnets.
  • Sorting cards to make number lines.
  • Building number lines using cards.
  • Turning over funny cards to make number lines.
  • More number lines.
  • Sorting cards to create a number line.
  • Making number lines.
  • Counting patterns on number lines.
  • Making patterns on number lines.

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