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Transportation Department

Newton ISD Transportation Department

               The Transportation Department has moved to the high school.

Contact information: 100 County Road 4007. Newton, Texas 75966
409-379-3465  – Shop 
409- 420-6600 ext 1001 – Office
409-382-5988 Linda Bevil - Transportation Coordinator
409-381-0371  Jerry Mulkey - Mechanic
 409-420-6600  ext 1221 – Johnny Metz - Transportation Director
Forms are at the bottom of this Page.

Bus Routes Listed Below:

Bus # Route Driver
1 Wathall Rd, Fair Park, Davison, Shady Acres, All streets behind Elementary Amy Hanks
2 Hwy 190 toward Bon Wier, Sands, all of Bon Wier and CR 4025 Tabor Westbrook
7 Bull Run,  Baptist Encampment,  Hickory Lane, Whispering Creek  Corey Jenkins, Brad Marshall
8 Everything off Main and around the old bus shop, all of left side of 2626, Artesian Springs Betinna Hall
10 Village daycare, First Financial Bank, Jamestown, Holly Springs, and RJW Apts. and Hwy 190 toward Jasper.

Leanne Dubose

11 1416 to Belgrade, Sandjack, Old Field Glenda Huff
12 CR 4085, to CR 4083, CR 2002, 2003 and Twist and Shout, part of Belgrade, 363 Loop Billy Messer
15  2460, Side buster road, CR 3069, 3073, park and ride in Bleakwood, Behind Dee’s Store in Trout Creek Eugene Winters
16 Forestry Rd FM 82, Trout Creek park and ride, Singletary Site, Alfred Loop, Hwy 87 up to Baptist Encampment Rd Lucille Myers
17 Fm 1414, North St. Loop 505, Leesmill Rd., Hwy 87 North, Wood St. everything by the Newton Cemetery Robyn Godeaux
18 Right side of 2626, everything on 363,   Ford Cemetery Road CR 4012, Karry Frost
19 Hwy 87 south, starting past railroad tracks up to Old Salem Daniel Odom
20 Woods Community and Pine Grove CR  3037, 3038 and 3039

Jason Hicks, Joni Miller

21 Hwy 87 North pass FM 1414, Liberty Community, Hwy 87 Projects Michael Horn
22 MLK (Hill)  6th grade and up Kay Jones
22B MLK (Hill) 5th grade down,  Houston st, City Hall Johnny Metz
24 Sandjack, Belgrade, Bon Wier, 1416, 363 and 2460 Arielle Hall
26 Liberty, Right side of 2626, Town, Villeage, 190 toward Jasper, Loop 505, MLK Amy Sanford
27 Old Salem, Woods Community, Hyw 87 south, Trout Creek, Pine Grove Shellen Richardson