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Safety And Sanitation

Food Safety and Sanitation

  • What measures are taken to ensure that meals served in NISD are safe for our students and staff?

    • All managers are trained in FDA Food Safety Code and are certified by the State Health Department.
    • Training for meat cooks, bakers and all assistants began in the 1999-2000 school year and is an on-going process.
    • All cafeterias are licensed by the Jasper-Newton Public Health and Serve Safe and are under continuous inspection.
    • The method used for food safety accountability is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).  The system removes subjectivity and measures all processes such as purchasing standards, delivery, storage, preparation and service by a function of  time and temperature.
    • All food handlers, wear a specified uniform, including hair restraints.  They are free of jewelry, nail polish, false nails, and other adornments
    • There is always a barrier between the employee and the food (utensil, gloved hand, etc.) so there is no direct food contact.
    • Only FDA approved chemicals are used in clean-up of the kitchen, storage and service areas.