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Posted Date: 12/13/2018

We had a total of 11 First Place medals, 10 Second Place medals, 15 Third Place medals, 15 Fourth Place ribbons, 11 Fifth Place ribbons, and 5 Sixth Place ribbons for a total of 67 awards.  We are very proud of our NMS students. They did an awesome job!

NMS UIL Results 2018      
DuBose, Landree 8th 1st Place Impromptu Speaking
Martin, Abby 8th 1st Place Impromptu Speaking
Carver, Kenzie 6th 1st Place Oral Reading
Jones, Melinda 6th 1st Place Dictionary Skills
Kalafatis, Megan 6th 1st Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Matthews, Josh 6th 1st Place Chess Puzzles
Quintero, Dana 6th 1st Place Art Smart
Smith, Jerry 7th 1st Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Tatum, Marissa 6th 1st Place Ready Writing
Williams, Hunter 6th 1st Place Mathematics
Winters, Angel 7th 1st Place Dictionary Skills
Total 1st Place--11      
Hartsfield, DeKendall 6th 2nd Place Mathematics
Barrow, Zane 7th 2nd Place Modern Oratory
Boykin, Jordan 7th 2nd Place Science I
Davis, Madelin 7th 2nd Place Spelling
Davis, Edyn 6th 2nd Place Impromptu Speaking
Fowler, Elizabeth 7th 2nd Place Oral Reading
Jackson, Tresa 7th 2nd Place Impromptu Speaking
Walker, Shelby 7th 2nd Place Ready Writing
Williams, Hunter 6th 2nd Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Wright, Raven 8th 2nd Place Art Smart
Total 2nd Place--10      
Elliott, Alexis 6th 3rd Place Ready Writing
Gipson, Westin 8th 3rd Place Number Sense
Hartsfield, DeKendall 6th 3rd Place Number Sense
Jackson, Tresa 7th 3rd Place Oral Reading
Nash, Charlie 8th 3rd Place Modern Oratory
Peck, Rachel 6th 3rd Place Impromptu Speaking
Perkins, Danica 7th 3rd Place Spelling
Perkins, Danica 7th 3rd Place Ready Writing
Stewart, Grace 7th 3rd Place Modern Oratory
Swinney, Dempsey 7th 3rd Place Calculator Applications
Swinney, Dempsey 7th 3rd Place Dictionary Skills
Woods, Sadie 6th 3rd Place Impromptu Speaking
McCain, Tyrell 7th 3rd Place Social Studies
Fountain, Jackson 7th 3rd Place Chess Puzzles
Mitchell, Dylan 8th 3rd Place Chess Puzzles
Total 3rd Place--15      
Kalafatis, Cynthia 6th 4th Place Social Studies
Tatum, Marissa 6th 4th Place Dictionary Skills
Booker, Terrance 6th 4th Place Mathematics
Davis, Edyn 6th 4th Place Oral Reading
Everitt, Gracie 6th 4th Place Spelling
Gipson, Westin 8th 4th Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Inman, Mark 7th 4th Place Science I
Irvin, Bailee 7th 4th Place Spelling
Irvin, Bailee 7th 4th Place Ready Writing
Kenebrew, Jonathan 7th 4th Place Spelling
Mansfield, Bryson 8th 4th Place Calculator Applications
McCain, Tyrell 7th 4th Place Calculator Applications
Nava, Noah 8th 4th Place Social Studies
Quintero, Dana 6th 4th Place Number Sense
Wall, Trent 6th 4th Place Number Sense
Total 4th Place--15      
Mansfield, Bryson 8th 5th Place Oral Reading
Arrant, Dax 6th 5th Place Spelling
Davis, Madelin 7th 5th Place Ready Writing
Fowler, Lloyd 8th 5th Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Nathani, Illiyan 6th 5th Place Chess Puzzles
Odom, Justin 7th 5th Place Science
Siau, Hannah 6th 5th Place Oral Reading
Simmons, Seth 8th 5th Place Social Studies
Vosti, Zakyla 8th 5th Place Number Sense
Walker, Shelby 7th 5th Place Modern Oratory
Young, Rylon 8tth 5th Place Modern Oratory
Total 5th Place--11      
Finch, Shea 8th 6th Place Modern Oratory
Fuller, Kenneth 7th 6th Place Maps, Graphs, & Charts
Garcia, Julian 7th 6th Place Listening Skills
Gulley, Trinity 8th 6th Place Listening Skills
Hanks, Ja'Marion 8th 6th Place Calculator Applications
Total 6th Place--5      
Totals: 67 total medals