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Special Services

    NISD Special Services  





   The purpose of Special Education is to help students with learning problems be all 

that they can be. The Special Education Program is part of  the broader program of 

education for all students. This program is designed to assure each student an 

educational setting conducive to his/her development by building upon identified

strengths of each student. A systemic modification and adaptation of equipment,

teaching materials and methods are used to meet the needs of  exceptional children.

It is the desire of NISD Special Services to meet each need with competance and

excellence, and to assure that every student has the best learning opportunity possible.



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Every child has the right to equal education in the state of Texas. Child Find can help you and your family make connections to services in the community and the school district.This program is for students between the ages of birth and 21 who show signs of developmental delays, on-going learning problems, behavioral and/or medical problems and disabilities that interfere with learning.


Anyone can make a referral for a student needing assisstance. Call the NISD Special Education Services, 409.420.6600. Ext. 5224, for more information.

Don’t let your child be left behind in his/her attempt to be successful.






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Newton ISD Special Services

718 Rusk St.   

Newton, TX. 75966

PH. (409) 420-6600       FAX (409) 379-4312

Bill Godwin – Special Services Director

Danita Morgan – Administrative Assistant/PEIMS

Lenora Choice – SpEd Counselor/Transition Coordinator

Marilyn McKneely – Diagnostician

Lenora Kellum – Diagnostician

Jill Vaughn – ARD Facilitator






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Special Services

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