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Middle School Faculty Directory


Click a name below to view more information. (Results 1-35)
Cathy Marshall
Marshall, Cathy
NMS Principal
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Gerald Laughlin
Laughlin, Gerald
NMS Assistant Principal
Susy Balsano
Balsano, Susy
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Shon Belcher
Belcher, Shon
Middle School Teacher
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Jim Campbell
Campbell, Jim
Inclusion Teacher/ Coach
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Jennifer Couey
Couey, Jennifer
8th Grade ELAR Teacher
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Amy Dougharty
Dougharty, Amy
Secretary/PEIMS Clerk
Leanne DuBose
DuBose, Leanne
Middle School Counselor
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Myoshi Foster
Foster, Myoshi
Middle School LVN Nurse
Karry Frost
Frost, Karry
Middle School Resource Teacher, Coach
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Tara Guillory
Guillory, Tara
6th/7th Grade Writing Teacher
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Christy Haymon
Haymon, Christy
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
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Hannah Hensarling
Hensarling, Hannah
8th Grade Science Teacher
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Gail  Herrington
Herrington, Gail
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Traci Hudson
Hudson, Traci
7th Grade Reading Teacher
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Corey Jenkins
Jenkins, Corey
Middle School Teacher/Coach
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Erica Johnson
Johnson, Erica
Texas History and Robotics Teacher
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Brooke Kelley
Kelley, Brooke
6th Grade Reading Teacher
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Josiah Kelley
Kelley, Josiah
7th Grade Science Teacher
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Lisa LathanLathan, Lisa
Middle School Food Services Manager
Michele Loftin
Loftin, Michele
8th Grade Math Teacher
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Tammy Marshall
Marshall , Tammy
MS Librarian and Technology Liaison
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Terrell Martin
Martin, Terrell
Middle School Teacher/ 6,7,8 Inclusion/Mathematics
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Patricia McCullough
McCullough, Patricia
6th grade Science
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Jana Norton
Norton, Jana
ISS/ Instructional Aide
Brenda ParkPark, Brenda
Middle School Instructional Aide
Lacey Richardson
Richardson, Lacey
Middle School Teacher/Coach
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Kelly Spivey
Spivey, Kelly
Middle School Art Teacher
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Dana Thompson
Thompson, Dana
Middle School Instructional Aide
Kaylyn Vosti
Vosti, Kaylyn
6th grade Math Teacher
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Laurel White
White, Laurel
6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
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Eugene Winters
Winters, Eugene
Technology Applications Teacher
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NMS Teacher of the Year, 2017-18

Erica Johnson

7th Grade Social Studies

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