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Welcome to the NMS Library!

Librarian: Angela Gibbs

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AR Retest Book Report Form

*If a student fails an AR quiz, he/she may complete an AR Retest Book Report.  Be sure to click the Book Report form for the correct grade level. 

5th Grade AR Retest Book Report Form

6th Grade AR Retest Book Report Form

7th Grade AR Retest Book Report Form

8th Grade AR Retest Book Report Form



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Databases and Primary Resources

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Contact Information


  New Phone System!

Call our new number and listen to the menu

   (409) 420-6600

 Enter extension "3012" to speak to receptionist.  

NMS Phone Extensions

Physical Address:

2814 Hwy. 190 East

Newton, TX  75966

New Mailing Address:

Newton ISD

720 Rusk Street

Newton, TX 75966