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Research & Project Information

1 - 2 - 3 - DONE!

Don't panic! Follow these three simple steps to simplify your research assignment, and
ask Mrs. Hogan if you need help.

  • Click on individual information links and pathfinders to collect everything you need to know to complete your  assignment.
  • The organization tools can help you arrange your information in meaningful ways.
  • Finally, choose one of the presentation tools to create your project.​

Information Resources
Newton High School"s Online Catalog. Search our library and more from your screen.

Sweet Search - An entire search engine dedicated to students (Thank Ms. Perdue for this one!)
Science Daily - Searchable e-magazine
Natural History - Comprehensive Science and SocialStudiesresource
WorldNewspapers - Links to periodicals worldwide and up to date
Roll Call - complete resource for Government and Political Issues
Project Gutenberg - over 42,000 free e-books

Organization Tools
Popplet - Collect your inspiration and record your ideas - Brainstorm, mindmap, save, imbed or print your plan


Multi-Media Presentation Tools
Voki - Create an avatar that speaks for you!
Prezi - Zoom your presentation!
Animoto - Make videos and book trailers
CoolText - Endless fonts and animations
Audacity - Record and edit audio presentations with voice, music and effects
Dumpr - Create crazy photo effects!
FreePlayMusic - Add music to your presentation
Time Toast - For making timelines
Preceden - Create interactive timelines




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