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About Cara Williams

I am a teacher in 3rd grade and I LOVE working with your precious "Little Angels".  I went to school in the Klein District near Houston, but I have called Newton my home since 2006. My husband David is from Newton and graduated from NHS in 1991. So, I am a "transplant" and we are proud to be raising our two children, Hunter and Dakota, in such a great "small town" atmosphere and attitude!

I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1998. Although I am new to Kindergarten, I am not a stranger to the little ones. Before I had our son in November 2006, I taught Kindergarten in New Caney, Texas for about 4 years. I LOVED it but God called me to be a "stay at home mommy" and then blessed us with Dakota in 2008.

During the "before school" years, we traveled with Daddy to many interesting places for his job in the pipelining business. We put many miles on our truck between home and wherever Daddy was, but we also got to visit great museums, libraries and of course zoos along the way!!

I began teaching again in January 2011, but really only by the grace of God again!! I put in an application to be a sub in Newton, participated in the "sub orientation" with Mr. Hood and then received a call to come in for an interview! Thought it was awful strange to have to interview to be a sub, but it turned out to be a full-time position for the Alternative Behavior Unit. After much prayer, I accepted the job and the rest is history!

Now, I am so excited to be in the regular classroom again! Teaching Kindergarten may have its challenges, but I am looking forward to a wonderful year full of learning, cheers, smiles and especially hugs! 

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your lives, as a teacher and a student!!


Cara Williams

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