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Daily Schedule

8:00-8:20           Kindergarten

8:20-8:50            2nd grade

8:50-9:20            1st grade

9:20-9:50            1st grade

10:00-10:25        3rd grade

10:25-10:50        3rd grade

10:50-11:30         Conference

11:30-12:00         Lunch

12:00-12:20         Kindergarten

12:20-12:50         2nd grade

Sarah Richardson

Practice Reading Every Day!

To be a good reader, we must read every day!  Kids should read at least 15-20 minutes every day in order to be proficient readers.   When we are good readers, school becomes easier!

Mrs. Fowler

Mrs. Fowler

This is Mrs. Fowler.  She and Ms. Richardson work together to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

Fluency Record Holders
Level R

Malaysia Gasaway, Level R, 3rd grade girls, 130 wcpm

Level S

Maddie Morrow, Level S, 3rd grade girls, 134 wcpm

Level R

James Darden, Level R, 3rd grade boys, 124 wcpm

Sarah Richardson

Upcoming Events

Sarah Richardson

Upcoming Events

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10:50-11:20, Monday through Thursday